July 23, 2018

With the wedding season knocking at the door, we would like to give you a brief introduction on the cool wedding photographs that are in trend these days and are under the prediction that they will be in the top list and will give stunning results. You can easily try them out with the help of a top wedding photographers in Kolkata. We are sure that after reading this blog you will certainly fall in love with these form of photography concepts. Wanna check them out? Read this

Destination wedding and honeymoon shoots together

How about capturing your intimate moments with beautiful arabian sea in the backdrop? Or your partner kissing your forehead in a magnificent mountain valley? Have you ever given a thought on these sort of concepts. More and more couples these days are going for destination wedding as well as honeymoon shoot packages. Both will be sorted at one time. There are many destination wedding photographers in Kolkata itself who are ready to go along with you wherever you are willing to go.

How about documentary styled photographs?

When all wedding photos appear to you as same replicas and you are looking for something out of the box, something unique, something that can catch anyone’s attention very fast, you must go for documentary styled pictures. These photographs if captured right by a skilled candid wedding photographer of Kolkata can depict raw, candid emotion in a frame. They tell your story through the frame. It does not deal with perfectly placed maang tika when the bride is getting ready, rather bride’s emotion when she is waiting for her life changing event. It does not deal with beautifully posed bridal portraits rather it deals with the story that is behind that pose.


While destination weddings are in trend but there are many weddings that happens inside the banquet halls. So why not make that interesting? How about moody lightening that can solve this problem? Perfect form of lightening styled in the right way and editing can do the trick of giving you your desired frame.

Matt colours

Yes, superly bright and over saturated wedding photos are everywhere. You can try something different with matt colours. But you need to wear a pastel coloured lehenga and you need to hire a very efficient and best wedding photographer in Kolkata, so that they can capture and edit the pic rightly.

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